Recent Publications
A Shadow in My Life, Rita Jerram (with Stairwell Books)
Except We Teach
, Alan Gillott
Thinking of You Always, Lewis Hill (with Stairwell Books)
People in a Landscape, Colin Speakman
Fifty:Fifty - Celebrating Fifty Years of the Pennine Poets. Anthology
Tales from a Prairie Journal, Rita Jerram (with Stairwell Books)

Fishing for Spring, 2nd edition, Mary Sheepshanks
Dancing Blues to Skylarks
, 2nd edition, Mary Sheepshanks

Beyond the Window, Alan Gillott

Dune Fox and Other Poems, Colin Speakman

Temporary Safety,  Rose Drew

Fosdyke and Me and Other Peoms, John Gillham

Dancing Through Wood & Time, Pauline Kirk with music by Martin Scheuregger

Envying the Wild, Pauline Kirk, edited by Mabel Ferrett

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Forty Years of Pennine Poets: Spirit and Emotion, Mabel Ferrett£12.50
Forty Years of Pennine Poets: Mind and Body, K.E. Smith£12.50
The Imaginator, Wendy Bardsley£4.00
Remember Wyatt, Nicholas Bielby£5.00
Chernobyl's Cloud, Brian Blackwell£2.50
Dunegrass, Clare Chapman£2.00

Natural Light, Ian M. Emberson£3.00
After Passchendaele, Mabel Ferrett£6.50
Imaginary Gates, Mabel Ferrett£4.00
Brian Merrikin Hill: Poet and Mentor, Pauline Kirk£2.00

Kingfisher Days, Mary Sheepshanks£5.00
Thinning Grapes, 2nd edition, Mary Sheepshanks£6.50
Patterns in the Dark, 2nd edition, Mary Sheepshanks

Ho! Rumpelstiltskin, ed. Pauline Kirk and Mabel Ferrett£5.99
Pennine Poets: Anthology 1966-1986, ed. Pennine Poets£2.00
Pennine 25: Anthology 1966-91, ed. Pennine Poets£3.00
A Taste of the Pennine Poets, ed. Pennine Poets£2.00
Pennine Tracks, ed. Clare Chapman£3.95
Webbed Skylights of Tall Oaks, ed. Clare Chapman£3.50